The Philippines - a unique nations  Sonia M. Zaide
with Gregorio F. Zaide'Ss History of the Republic of the Philippines
soft bound  478 pages
   second edition
Table of Contents
1. The Philippine as a Unique Nation
2. Origin of the Filipinos
3. The Asian Heritage of the Filipinos

4. Our Early Ancestors
5. Western Discovery and the Conquest
6. Mexican Relation
7. The Spanish Colonial System
8. Our Economy under Spain
9. Our Spanish Heritage 10. Filipino Services to Spain 11. Islam in the Philippines 12. Relation between Chinese and Japanese
13. The British Invasion 14. Filipino Revolts 15. The Twilight of Spain Rule
16. Philippine Nationalism 17. Propaganda Movement and the Katipunan
18. The Philippine Revolution 19. The Coming of the United States 20. The First Republic in Asia 21. America's Rule and Democratization of the Filipino People 22. Economic Progress under the United States 23. Our American Heritage 24. The Commonwealth of the Philippines 25. THe Philippines and World War 11 26. Japanese Occupation and the Second Republic 27. Independence and the Third Republic 28. Martial Law and the New Society
29. The Fourth Republic 30 From People Power to a Great Christian Revival  30. Two Centennial Presidents


History of the FILIPINO PEOPLE

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  637 pgs Here is a partial listing of our Philippine history books. You will probably notice that we have a lot of books written by Ambeth Ocampo.
That is because he is my favorite historian. He writes in essay style and his accounts seemed to be well researched and balanced.
I hope you will be able to find something of interest to you.

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Here is a great link for those interested in Jose Rizal The Life and Writings of Dr. Josť Rizal     

within this site there are short video clips which would be of interest to students of Philippine History The Life and Writings of Dr. Josť Rizal                            

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The Katipunan and the Revolution  476 pgs     Pb   $24.95
Alvarez, Santiago  
  The Katipunan & the Revolution  (Memoirs of a General)                                                                                 




de la Costa, Horacio  Readings In Philippine History
317 pgs     Pb   

Ocampo, Ambeth R Conversations with Teodoro A Agoncillo
191 pgs  Pb    

Ocampo, Ambeth R    Looking Back
215 pgs    Pb    

Ocampo, Ambeth R   Aguinaldo's Breakfast  (and more looking back essays)
232 pgs    Pb    

Ocampo, Ambeth R   Bonifacio's Bolo  
226 pgs    Pb    

Ocampo, Ambeth R    Mabini's Ghost  out of stock
227 pgs     Pb   

Ocampo, Ambeth R    Rizal Without The Overcoat
186 pgs    Pb   

Scott, Wm Henry    The Discovery of the Igorots
369 pgs     Pb   

Scott, Wm Henry    Prehispanic Source Materials (For The Study of Philippine History)                                                                     
  196 pgs     Pb   

Scott, Wm Henry  Looking for the Prehispanic Filipino
172 pgs     Pb   

Natl Historic Institute  Pre-Spanish Manila (A Reconstruction of Pre-History of Manila)                    
85 pgs    Pb    

Natl Historic Institute   Doctrina Christiana    (facsimile of The First Book Printed in the Philippines --Manila 1593)                    
  126 pgs   Pb    
$6.95       out of stock

Natl Historic Institute   An Acceptable Holocaust: (Life and Death of A Boy General-Gregorio del Pilar)
65 pgs  Pb    

May, Glenn A        Inventing a Hero   (The Posthumous Re-creation of Andres Bonifacio)
200 pgs    Pb   


All you need to know and do to begin understanding Pilipinas 
By Melchizedek Maraon Solis
soft bound , 72 pages