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The Philippine Children's Books should be enjoyed by children and adults alike.   Many of the stories have morals.  Some are written in "trampoline text" (both Tagalog and English) that helps the reader learn a "foreign language". Most of the books are written in English.  The artwork is top notch.

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Manuel, Peggy  Jose and Cardo         
                                                         32 pages   Pb  $2.95



Montero, Jaime Gatan and Talaw   
                                                         40 pages   Pb  $2.95



Fuentes, Vilma Manggob and his Golden Top
                                                         48 pages   Pb  $2.95



Fuentes, Vilma Kimod and the Swan Maiden
                                                        36 pages Pb    $2.95



Fuentes, Vilma May  The Fairy of Masara
                                                        24 pages Pb   $2.95



Khemvichanuvat,C The Poor Lizard
                                                       30 pages Pb   $1.95



Rausiri, S             The Beautiful Chick
                                                       25 pages Pb  $1.95



Fuentes, Vilma May  Pearl Makers    
                                                       56 pages Pb  $4.95



Asedillo/Williams The Sari-Sari Store   
                                                       74 pages Pb  $4.95



Bulalacao/Dayao First Look at Philippine Flowers
                                                     24 pages Pb  $5.95



Bulalacao/Dayao  First Look at Philippine Trees
                                                    24 pages Pb $5.95



Bulalacao/Dayao First Look at Philippine Fruit
                                                   24 pages Pb  $5.95



Chorengel, Marla The First Cashew Nut
                                                  22 pages Hb  $4.95



Moran/Crisotomo  Gabi and the Engkanto 
                                                  23 pages  Hb  $3.95



Chorengel, Marla Why The Sky Is High
                                                  29 pages  Hb   $3.95



Chorengel, Marla     Marmol        
                                                  20 pages  Hb  $3.95



Chorengel, Marla  Maksing and Mona 
                                                  23 pages  Hb   $3.95



Chorengel, Marla  Dikya, The Jellyfish  
                                                21 pages  Hb   $3.95



Galdone, Paul The Turtle and the Monkey
                                                 32 pages  Pb   $6.95



Ventura, Sylvia  The Carabao-Turtle Race 
                                                 56 pages Pb  $6.95



Romana-Cruz, N  WhyThe Pina Has A Hundred Eyes                                                    56 pages Pb   $6.95



Paterno, MariaThe Girl Who Fell From the Sky 
                                                 56 pages Pb$  6.95



Krasno/Lee Kneeling Carabao & Dancing Giants
                                                 48 pgs Hb   $19.95



Tan, Susie           Tales for Big Children-Myths & Legends Vol 1    
(ages 10 yrs & up)                       92 pgs  Pb  $14.95



Tan, Susie    Tales for Big Children-Fables & Folktales Vol2             
(ages 10 yrs & up)                     84 pgs  Pb   $14.95



Aquino, Guadencio Philippine Legends   
                                               133 pgs  Pb    $ 4.95



Reyes, Severino  The Best of Lola Basyang  
                                               246 pgs Hb   $30.00                


                            Bilingual Children's Books

1.Si Pilandok At Ang Manok Na Nangingitlog Ng Ginto/
Pilandok and the Hen that Laid Golden Eggs
                                                 28 pgs    Pb    $1.95



2.Ang Alamat  ng Palay/ The Legend of Rice
                                                  26 pgs    Pb    $1.95



3.Ibalon-Tatlong Bayani ng Epikong Bicol/Three Heroes of the Bicol Epic                                                    32 pgs   Pb    $1.95